This type of energy was developed by Oxima and Cezero, who used specially made suits to harness this type of energy.

This suit allows its user to convert their internal life force, the force that distinguishes humans from all other creatures, into an odd source of energy that powers robotics and machines, but that’s not all; it also gives the machines an incredibly long life, and in some instances even a personality!

Although over-extraction of the user’s life force without a chance to recover would result in unknown results, unknown because the Pixoul founders embarked on their mission hastily and had no time or resources to fully comprehend the effects and consequences of the energy.

These suits are proposed to serve humans in their daily lives. It’s a fashionable suit which at the same time has vital functionality
to keep humans alive while increasing their lifespan. It keeps the muscles intact and the skin revitalized so ageing never appears.
Some of the suits the Alpha Ventauri team were prototyping had DittoMorph integrated giving it the ability to heal wounds and generate shields.

Plasma guns were initially invented for miners to be able to melt rock while keeping the ore intact.
It was used by the founders to harvest ore enabling them to build the first city for the colony.

Phasers are guns that shoot high-energy photons used by the army as self-defence weapons.
These guns have intensity settings – at the lowest spectrum, they can deal shock damage to stun the targets, and at the highest, they can vaporize targets.

Thanks to the advanced infrastructure of Pixoul Planet,
Pixoulians are able to get an unlimited amount of energy on demand thanks to two factors:

1. A Fusion Reactor – a reactor that can generate a huge amount of clean energy lasting for millennials.
2. A Wireless Energy Link – an orbiting wireless network of satellites that can divert energy sent from the reactor to any designated spot on the planet.